Newsletter #3

July 2019


We are so excited to announce that our sponsors Music Theatre International have given us permission to perform Mary Poppins JR for our 15 minute JTF adjudication performance. Sir Cameron Mackintosh himself granted the approval. 

This musical will enable us to offer many roles to both boys and girls as well as our younger and older students. We do stress that this is an ensemble performance in which ALL cast members remain on stage for the entire 15 minute performance. All roles are important and all students are important!


We will distribute all rehearsal material in November. Students will receive vocal recordings, a script and video with choreography that they must learn before the tour. All parts will be cast on the first rehearsal day in NEW YORK.


The two Broadway shows that are included in your tour package are;


For those people wanting to book additional Broadway shows (own cost) here are the best dates;

SATURDAY JAN 11 - after 6pm

SUNDAY JAN 12 - after 6pm

MONDAY JAN 13 - after 6pm

TUESDAY JAN 14 - after 6pm

PLEASE NOTE- Students must see shows with an adult chaperone.


An updated version of the itinerary is now available for download. Click the link below.


We are ordering T-Shirts for everyone. We need you to log in to your customer portal and provide your updated T-Shirt size.

Step 1- Go to you customer portal (this was was emailed to you on March 14.)

Step 2 - Click 'Documentation' on the left side menu

Step 3 - Next to T-Shirt Size, click 'Complete Form'

Step 4 - Enter the size 

Step 5 - Repeat for each passenger

Please do this by 31/07/2019. 


Now is a good time to purchase warm clothing in the end of winter sales... Here is our guide on what you will need to wear to keep warm in New York.


Each passenger is permitted ONE checkin bag and ONE carry-on bag with the following dimensions;


As per our Terms and Conditions, you are required to obtain your own Travel Insurance for medical and cancellation. Please provide us with your policy number so we can help you out if there is a need;

Step 1- Go to you customer portal (this was was emailed to you on March 14.)

Step 2 - Click 'Documentation' on the left side menu

Step 3 - Next to Travel Insurance, click 'Complete Form'

Step 4 - Enter the company name and policy number

Step 5 - Repeat for each passenger (can be the same policy number for each person but you need to re-enter it)

Please do this by 31/10/2019. 

American Airlines Flights​. There are times where we had to split the group over two aircraft because our group is so large. We will ensure that families are together. There will always be a tour guide with each group.







Please note that these flights are subject to change by the airline.


Hotel Edison, New York - CONFIRMED

Waverly Renaissance, Atlanta - CONFIRMED


Hilton Universal City, Hollywood - CONFIRMED

The Grand Legacy at the Park, Anaheim - CONFIRMED

All of these hotels are in THE BEST locations which will reduce our transit times.



All room allocations have now been completed.


The next payment is due September 22nd.

You should have received an email with a link to your online payment portal. We encourage all tour participants to make payment using this portal as the bank transaction fees for international payments and currency exchange was excessive.


This will be used for communication while on tour.

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