Newsletter #4

December 2019



REMINDER- Your ESTA is the USA Travel Visa. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that the information on your ESTA is accurate and up to date and that your ESTA has been approved. Last year we had a parent get turned away at the airport because she had a mistake in her passport number. Please check again;

- Has your ESTA been approved?

- Is the spelling of your name correct according to your passport?

- Is your passport number correct and up to date.

Each person travelling is required to obtain a USA travel visa (ESTA). This is your permission to enter the USA through customs. It will cost you only $14 USD per person.
Please follow the following instructions to obtain your ESTA;It is essential that YOU provide the correct information (especially the correct passport number, date of birth and spelling of name according to your passport).

Your ESTA last for two years so if you have been to the USA recently your current ESTA may just need to be updated.
1. When you have your passport and credit card, go to this website
2. Click 'New Application'
3. Follow the on-screen instructions
5. Record a copy of your APPLICATION NUMBER. We recommend that you take a photo of the screen when it comes up with you application number.4. Read all questions CAREFULLY and answer HONESTLY

Address and Point of Contact in the USA

Hotel Edison 228 West 47th St, New York, NY 10036

List YOUR mobile number with international calling code +64 (and drop the first 0)

6. Check the website again in two days for your approval.
7. You will then need to provide US with a copy of your approved application number 
There is a new section in the 'documentation' tab of your portal where you tell us your ESTA number.
PLEASE NOTE- This is YOUR responsibility to get this done correctly. Last year we had a chaperone who didn't do this correctly and had to join the tour two days later because she was not permitted into the USA. You bear the responsibility of any costs or losses if you don't correctly obtain your ESTA according to your correct passport details.


If you have had a new passport issued this year. Please touch base with us to make sure we have provided the up-to-date details to the airline. Email me with notification THIS WEEK or it may cost you extra to have it amended. 

TOUR HANDBOOK - Updated Itinerary

Here is your FINAL tour handbook with updated itinerary. The handbook also contains a host of information about what to prepare for the tour and what to expect. Please ensure you READ IT ALL. We also recommend that you download it and save it to your device so you can look at it easily while on tour.





Please print and bring your copy of the script.

It is recommended that ALL students learn the lyrics to the songs.

We will cast the show on the first day and it always makes a good

impression when you are prepared and know your material.


Students to now learn the different vocal parts for the performance.

It is recommended that you rehearse 4 times a week for 1 hour to learn this music.

We have randomly allocated vocal parts. However, if the part we have allocated for you is too high, please switch to the other part.



Please learn the choreography Hamish has published on the youtube playlist. This will be used in the casting on the first day. It is difficult so we need you to all work hard to ensure our performance is of the highest quality.


We will have TWO bus loads of people on our tour so we have created a PINK group and BLUE group. Check the tour handbook to find out what group you are in. You need to know this!!!




Each passenger is permitted ONE checkin bag and ONE carry-on bag. We do not have room on the bus for anyone to have extra bags. As it is, we will already have to bring some bags into the cabin of the bus.



As per our Terms and Conditions, you are required to obtain your own Travel Insurance for medical and cancellation. You should have already provided us with your policy number through the portal.


Each room will have TWO keys that need to be shared. We will publish a list of room numbers at each hotel.

Room list image2.png


e-Tickets for your flights will be distributed this month. YOU are responsible for ordering any special meals you require. You will be able to do these online when your ticket is distributed. You can also use this to claim any flyer rewards you have with American Airlines. We have requested seating be assigned according to rooming groups and families. It is up to the airline, not Travel Gang, to allocate the seating.



This will be used for communication while on tour. You MUST ensure you have data on your phone. EVERYONE should have a phone to use in case of an emergency.