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Newsletter #4

November 2019


All of our rehearsals will take place in the world famous Ripley Grier Studios in New York. But, before we depart you will have some things to prepare by yourself. We will distribute all rehearsal material in November. Students will receive vocal recordings, a script and video with choreography that they must learn before the tour. All parts will be cast on the first rehearsal day in NEW YORK. Please find all the materials in the below link for you to start looking at and learning. The folder will be updated as more resources are created. 



Please click the iPhone to go to your official Aussie All-Stars 2020 ADVENTURE HANDBOOK. This helpful booklet lays out all the information you will need prior to departure. 

We also recomend that you re-read all of the previous newsletters we have distributed incase you have missed something. All of the previous newsletters can be found by clicking the links here:

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For those people wanting to book additional Broadway shows (own cost) here are the best dates;

SATURDAY JAN 11 - after 6pm

SUNDAY JAN 12 - after 6pm or a matinee in replacement of Central Park Ice Skating

MONDAY JAN 13 - after 6pm

TUESDAY JAN 14 - after 6pm

THURSDAY JAN 16 - after 6pm. However, the flight the next morning is VERY early and you will be VERY tired

PLEASE NOTE- Students must see shows with an adult chaperone.

We are seeing Moulin Rouge on Friday 10th January in the evening and Oklahoma on Wednesday 15th January in the evening. 


Your ESTA must reflect your correct passport number. If it does not, you will not be allowed on the flight. Please recheck your ESTA is correct and that your name is spelt identically to what is on your passport. If you have applied for a new passport after you have applied for your ESTA you will need to update these details or apply for a new ESTA immediately. If this is the case please advise us by email so we can ensure your details are correct on our end. Do not update your portal with these changes unless you advise us first. 


We recommend that you stay in Sydney the night before we depart from Sydney International airport. Our meeting time at the Virgin Australia check in area is 4 hours prior to departure due to the time it takes to move a group through the check-in procedure. DO NOT try to organise a connecting flight the same day as the tour starts. If your flight is delayed and if we haven't marked you off at the designated meeting time of 7:15 am on Thursday 9th January, you will get left behind. Traveling with a group means lots of logistical things that require you to think of not just yourself but the entire group. 

We recommend you fly into Sydney on Wednesday 8th January and stay at Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel. 


This is the last newsletter you will recieve from us before departure. All communication from now on prior to the trip and whilst on tour will be via our closed Facebook group. Make it a favourite on your groups list and be sure to check it each day for updates and last minute messages.

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