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Newsletter #3
October 2022


We are excited to share an updated itinerary with more details about your Aussie All-Star adventure!


Everyone attending is required to complete the four page JTF release and waiver form. Please complete the form and upload it to your portal by next week (7th October). 


Each person is required to obtain a USA travel visa (ESTA). These will cost you only $21 USD.
It is essential that you provide the correct information (especially the correct passport number).

Your ESTA last for two years so if you have been the the USA recently your current ESTA may just need to be updated.

Please follow the following instructions to obtain your ESTA;

1. When you have your passport and credit card, go to this website

2. Click 'New Application'

3. Follow the on-screen instructions

4. Read all questions CAREFULLY and answer HONESTLY

5. List your address while in the USA as Hotel Edison 228 W 47th St, New York, NY 10036

6. Record a copy of your APPLICATION NUMBER. We recommend that you take a photo of the screen when it comes up with you application number.

6. Check the website again in two days for your approval.

NOTE- It is your responsibility to ensure that you have obtained an ESTA and correctly provided your passport number and legal name. Failure to do so will result in the refused entry into the USA.
Please add your approved ESTA number to your online portal by 15/10/22.


We understand that some people are worried about the drop in the Australian dollar exchange rate this week. It is currently sitting 5% below the rate when we provided your tour price estimate.

Because the dollar fluctuates each day, we hope that it will recover over the next month. However, should the rate remain as low as it is today, it would equate to an additional $205 per person (quad share). We will assess this at the end of October.



It is common for our flight details to change at this time of year as the airlines firm up their schedule. The changes we are aware of so far only apply to the Pink Group on American Airlines. The good news is that the layover in Los Angeles has been reduced for that group (YAYYYYY!)



These two AMAZING shows were selected because we know they are quality productions. We also like to support Australians working on Broadway. Beetlejuice The Musical is composed by our friend, Eddie Perfect, an Australian composer and TV actor. MJ The Musical is produced by Michael Cassel, who is an Australian producer. Both Eddie and Michael have attended JTF as special guests before so we know they support opportunities for students as emerging theatre makers. Neither of these shows have been performed in Australia so it will be a great new experience for everyone.


Other nights where you might look into purchasing tickets to see additional shows are:

  • Saturday January 7th

  • Sunday January 8th

  • Monday January 9th (not many shows play on a Monday)

  • Tuesday January 10th

  • Thursday January 12th

The cheapest tickets are available on the day through the TKTS app or at the TKTS booth in Times Square (right near our hotel). However, if there is a show that you REALLLY want to see and know that it will probably sell out, you may wish to purchase tickets in advance via There are lots of other scam websites so be careful.

Do your research and triple check the show times and dates before purchasing. Americans usually display dates in MM/DD/YY format which is confusing to us. Remember the ticket price will usually be displayed in US Dollars and they will also usually tack on an additional processing fee when you get to the final stage of your purchase.

Chaperones are responsible to ensure the safety of students. Students must check with their chaperone before purchasing additional tickets to ensure adequate supervision.


The scripts and music for the adjudication performance will be provided late November to the group. Students will be asked to learn lyrics and familiarise themselves with the script. We understand that some families are travelling in December so we will get it to you as early as possible. Students will be able to download the materials to their device so they can view it anywhere. Roles will be cast on the first day of rehearsals based on suitability for the role as well as preparedness and attitude.


Here is a reminder of what logistic group you are in for the tour. Please note this is mainly used for the travel days. You will still get to spend lots of time with people in other groups.



The next payment is due October 31, 2022.

The final balance will be determined by:

- Accommodation arrangement (how many people sharing your room)

- Tour package option (international or domestic)

- Currency exchange rate fluctuation.

All payments to be paid through the online portal. We use the secure payment gateway 'STRIPE'. You can pay with visa or mastercard debit or credit card. We provide reminders via the Facebook group when payments are coming up, but do not issue invoices. Your payment history can be viewed on your portal. It is your responsibility to keep on top of payments and payment deadlines. Please ensure payments are made BEFORE each deadline. 


If you have not already done so, please upload your headshot to the portal. This is for our tour handbook and allows us to begin learning names before the tour.



If you have not already done so, please complete the 'Dietary Requirements' section for each tour members in the Documentation section of your portal. NOTE: When the airline tickets are issued, international passengers that have dietary requirements will be reminded to request their own special meals for the flights via the airlines. This will probably happen around November.


Here are the current requirements for all international travellers to the USA. We will keep you updated if these change throughout the year.

  • As of midnight on Sunday, June 12, 2022, international travellers will no longer need to provide a negative COVID-19 test result before entering the U.S.

  • Travellers are no longer required to have a negative COVID-19 test before travelling to Australia.

  • You are no longer required to wear masks flights.

  • You must sign a CDC attestation. Attestations need to be completed for all travellers 2 years and older prior to boarding.

  • All non-U.S. citizens must be fully vaccinated to enter the country by plane (limited exceptions apply)

  • Travellers need to show proof of full vaccination status prior to boarding. See details on accepted vaccines, as well as acceptable forms of proof of vaccination

NOTE entry requirements may change at any time without notice. Details can be found on the U.S CDC website.



This will be used for communication before and while on tour.



We recommend that you budget $60 per person each day to purchase your lunch and dinners (these are not included in your tour package). You can use a travel card or debit card providing they are set up for use in Australia (ask your bank). We recommend that you have a small amount of cash as well as a card. Some outlets only accept card and some only accept cash.

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