Newsletter #3

July 2019






If you have not already, please got to your online customer portal to upload your passport photos. We ask that everyone do this in our new system. Your individual online portal was emailed to you on March 14. Please go to the 'documentation' section of the portal and upload your passports ASAP.

We have applied for a licence for a show title and we are waiting on approval before we announce.. Let the dramatic tension continue to build! All casting for roles will be done on the first rehearsal day in New York. We will be sending out videos with choreography and music to learn before the trip so students can be prepared. Casting is done based on skill, work ethic, preparedness and suitability for each role. We will also be looking at each intro video placed by the students on Facebook.


Each year in Atlanta, three groups are selected to perform on the main stage to launch a new Broadway JR show.

We are working with MTIA and iTheatrics and are hopeful that the Kiwi All-Stars might get this opportunity. While it won't be finalised until September, we had to plan our itinerary around this prospect regardless.

This means that we are now departing the tour ONE day earlier than anticipated which required additional accommodation and breakfast. This resulted in an additional $80AUD per person, which will be added to each account. A costume charge may also be necessary for students if we are selected. We always aim to avoid increase costs but this opportunity is worth the investment... It would be unforgettable to perform in front of 6,500 people on the main stage.

If the group does not get selected, we will include an additional activity on the extra day.


An updated version of the itinerary is now available for download. Click the link below.


American Airlines Flights​. There are times where we had to split the group over two aircraft because our group is so large. We will ensure that families are together. There will always be a tour guide with each group.







Please note that these flights are subject to change by the airline.


Hotel Edison, New York - CONFIRMED

Waverly Renaissance, Atlanta - CONFIRMED


Hilton Universal City, Hollywood - CONFIRMED

The Grand Legacy at the Park, Anaheim - CONFIRMED

All of these hotels are in THE BEST locations which will reduce our transit times.


All room allocations have now been completed.


The next payment is due May 17th.

You should have received an email with a link to your online payment portal. We encourage all tour participants to make payment using this portal as the bank transaction fees for international payments and currency exchange was excessive.




This will be used for communication while on tour.

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