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Routine is comfortable, but magic happens when you are outside of your comfort zone. Organising customised adventures is where we excel. We love a challenge and we love to learn, so the more ideas you can throw at us, the better off we will all be.


Each adventure we create is a character in itself and needs to suit your school or groups specific needs and tastes.

You won't find any of our itineraries in a travel brochure and many of the activities we include you wont be able to find yourself. That's because we specifically design, tailor and seek out fun and educational components that don’t fit inside the box, We have some set itineraries that are most popular but any tour or adventure is only limited by your own imagination and can be themed to include whatever you like. Be it the World Choir Games, a Dance Cruise around the Caribbean, The Edinburgh Fringe Festival or a European Odyssey encompassing the history of theatre...bring it on! Fancy a home stay with a sister school, we can make this happen too!


Working independently, but in association with licensed travel agents, we can plan, structure, organise and conduct any learning experience around the world.

Sydney, Newcastle, AUSTRALIA

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* Prices indicated on this website are in Australian dollars and are estimates only. Costs are determined by fluctuating exchange rates, groups numbers, ground tour component availability, inclusions and exclusions. All estimates should be taken as just that and understand that we have provided them in good faith as a ball park indication for your convenience..

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