Newsletter #2

February 2020


WOW! How is it 2020 already? It feels like a week ago we were rehearsing for our Newcastle season of Peter Pan JR! We are beyond excited for all that lies ahead! Before we know it we will be sipping tea with Queen Lizzie! It’s 2020 and time to get serious - Here are some updates and reminders about our trip to EUROPE!


The final info session will be on Sunday 5 April from 3:30pm. We will expect this to go for 30-45mins. Attendance at this session is mandatory.


As you know rehearsals will be held in our beautiful Young Actors Development Centre. Please note that attendance at all rehearsals is vital as each cast member is on stage for the entire performance duration. For this reason we have made the rehearsal schedule as lean as possible so as not to waste people’s time. 


There are some potential clashes with ‘The Witches’ but James and Jo will be liaising with the people that this will affect and sorting any potential issues. Find below our final rehearsal schedule - please add these dates to your calendar straight away.

SUN 29th March - 11:00am - 3:00 pm - ALL CAST


SUN 5th April - 11:00am - 3:00 pm - ALL CAST



SUN 19th April - 11:00am - 3:00 pm - ALL CAST


SUN 26th April - 11:00am - 3:00 pm - ALL CAST

Parents will be invited for the last half an hour of this final rehearsal to view our performance piece - details to follow


Ali and James are finalising the script for our performance and will send it out along with any casting changes very soon. This means you should come to rehearsals "off-book" and ready to shape our performance physically.


The Final payment is due March 11th - $5996 (March 11th 2020) - Final balance

All payments are made through your customer portal. Your customer portal also acts as your running balance, invoice and receipt of payment. It can be accessed by you at anytime to check when the payment is due. We do not email out invoices.


In your customer portal you will find a "Documentation" tab on the left hand side. This is where you need to upload a few things:

  1. Headshot -  a fun headshot of EVERYONE for our tour handbook 

  2. Medical / Dietary Requirements - this will also be used for the airlines for special meals

  3. Passport Photo Page - we require a picture of the first page of your passport with your picture on it and all the important details.


This needs to be uploaded by 20th February.


You do not need a VISA to visit the United Kingdom.


Everyone by this stage should have travel insurance.


Check out the latest itinerary here. As always this is subject to last minute changes. Click this button to see the itinerary and other adventure information.


When our European hotels were built people must have been smaller as the rooms are...cozy.. Rooming for our West End Tour will be twin-share. This has been discussed with everyone where necessary, however here is a reminder of the rooming allocations. Your next job is to decide on Room Names! Please post in the FB group.

Room # - Gang Members

1. Anna-Rose Csuka, Anaiya Mahony

2. Levi Stoddart, Jasper Coy

3. Alice Thompson, Julia Boyd

4. Sabine Cook, Tahlia Hughes

5. Bevan Leach, Frankie Leach

6. Kym MacFarlane, Charlotte MacFarlane

7. Nicole Sinclair, Aleisha Sinclair

8. Jo-Anne Christie, Gabriella Christie

9. Belinda Parker, Isabella Parker

10. Karen Johnson, Taleisha Johnson

11. Shannon Ramadge, Sofia Ramadge

12. Shaheera Huggins, Layla Scott Huggins

13. Lucia Chambers, Joel Evans

14. Melissa Norman, Jack Norman

15. Rob Boyd, Sally Ann Boyd

16. Maria Roberts, Charlie Murphy

17. James Tolhurst, Ali Hodge


All students and chaperones will need to submit a t-shirt size here.

Also if you don’t have a Hunter Drama jacket we were hoping you would purchase one as most of the students have these already and we were going to wear this as our tour jacket rather than making you purchase another one. If you don’t have one you can purchase one here.



We will be seeing:

* "&Juliet" on Monday 4th May in the evening.

* A show at Shakespeare's Globe (Title TBA) on Tuesday 5th May in the evening.

* "Dear Evan Hansen" on Wednesday 6th May in the evening.

If you would like to book additional shows at your own cost, we recomend you book them for either Sunday 3rd Thursday 7th May. 

Please keep in mind that our itinerary is subject to change at any time due to circumstances outside of our control.

  1. Upload documentation by 20th Feb.

  2. Final payment due 4 March.

  3. Come up with a room name and post in the FB group.

  4. First rehearsal on 29 March at 11am. Add all the rehearsals to your diary!

  5. Attend FINAL info session 5th April at 3:30pm.

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