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Newsletter #3

October 2019

Not long now before we will be jetting off on this amazing adventure!!

All of the planning is coming along nicely. We just need a few more things from you so please read through this information carefully and action the tasks as soon as possible.


We still need the following people to provide a photo of the full ID page in their passport.

Stephen Carr

Isabelle Carr

Veronika Bisak

Miller Damstra

Nathaniel Savy

Nickolas Brown

Opah Kaonza

Please email it through to hello@travelgang.com.au THIS WEEK 


JTF Release Form

We need EVERY person on the tour to complete this form separately. The group name is 'Rising Stars'.

After you complete the form, take a photo of it and email through to hello@travelgang.com.au

PLEASE DO THIS NOW as we have a deadline to meet. Late forms result in higher participation costs at JTF.


Each traveller needs to complete their own application for a travel visa (ESTA) to the USA.

It is REALLY important that you triple check you have entered the correct passport details and spelling of your name.


Step 1. Go to this website to complete your ESTA application- https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta/

Step 2. Click 'New Application'... if you already have an ESTA from the last 12 months, you can still use your current one but need to update the details

Step 3. Click 'Individual Application'

Step 4. Click 'Confirm and Continue'

Step 5. Acknowledge you have read the two sections by clicking 'yes' at the bottom of each

Step 6. Click 'Next'

Step 7. Complete the online form. Triple check you have everything correct. Incorrect information can prevent you from travelling with the group with no refund available.

Use the address of our Hotel in Anaheim as your USA address 

1650 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92802

Step 8. Keep a record of the 'Application Number' that you are provided with.

Step 9. Check back on the same website in two days to confirm that it has been accepted. Click 'check existing application'

Step 10. Provide us with a copy of your approved ESTA application number through the Travel Gang Portal

When you get your ESTA approved, we need you to provide us with a copy of it by completing the form on your Travel Gang portal page.


Please go to your Travel Gang portal and complete the information about your Travel Insurance. You are required to take out your own travel insurance to cover cancellation and medical expenses. Many credit cards have a travel insurance product linked with them but you will need to check it out with your bank. 

T-Shirt Size

Please go to your Travel Gang portal and complete the T-Shirt Order form. It has been a long time since we collected your T-Shirt size so please go on and provide updated information.

PLEASE DO THIS NOW as we have a deadline to meet.


All payments should now have been made. We will contact you directly if a balance remains on your accounts. 

As per our Terms and Conditions, failure to make payments by the deadline can result in withdrawal from the tour with no refund.


Please go to your Travel Gang portal and upload a current headshot (parents and students). This goes in our tour handbook and helps everyone learn names.


In December we will provide a copy of the adjudication script and music for students to learn thoroughly before we depart. They will be encouraged to learn all parts and also the choreography that will be send out in a video. Casting for the roles will take place on the first rehearsal day based on the students suitability for the role, their work ethic and how prepared they are with the materials sent out.

The 15 minute performance will feature all students as it is an ensemble piece. All students will be on stage the entire time. The group size is not too big so everyone will get a great opportunity.



This is NOT included in your tour package but we felt that it would be cruel if we didn't at least make some time for your to spend in Universal Studios if you choose (own cost). We have pushed our third rehearsal day into the afternoon/ night to allow for you to go to universal studios for half a day.

We figured you may want to explore Harry Potter World why you are so close to it. Our hotel is right next door.



Our itinerary has not changed since last newsletter. To see the most current itinerary please click the link below. Please keep in mind the itinerary is subject to change.


All flights are now booked as per your INT or DOM preference selections. We are unable to make flight changes anymore. Please note that these flights are subject to change by the airline. We are flying Qantas!!! 



The Grand Legacy at the Park, Anaheim - CONFIRMED


The Garland, West Hollywood - CONFIRMED

Hyatt Regency, Sacremento - CONFIRMED

All of these hotels are in THE BEST locations which will reduce our transit times.


All room allocations have now been completed.



This will be used for communication before and while on tour.