Newsletter #1

September 2019


We are thrilled that you will be joining ROAR's Passport to the West End trip with Travel Gang. You will be getting excited with the rest of us in the next 9 months leading up to this adventure of a lifetime. We can't wait to get everything organised for you and of course to get on that plane with you next May. 
In the meantime, make yourself a cup of tea, kick back and have a read of all the information in this newsletter to ensure you are fully on top of whats involved. If anything doesn't make sense or if you have a question, feel free to reach out to us on


Here is a list of the people travelling with the tour.

Ambrosi, Mia (Student)

Beckley, Madison (Student)

Beckley, Paul (Chaperone)

Bortolanza, Guilia (Chaperone)

Brener, Sarina (Student)

Chadwick, Connor (Student)

Geddes, Annalise (Student)

Geddes, Linda (Chaperone)

Grace, Fiona (Chaperone)

Grace, Robert (Chaperone)

Hunt, Ruby (Student)

Hunt, Sarah (Chaperone)

Johns, Madeleine (Teacher)

Johns, Meredith (Chaperone)

Keegel, ingrid (Chaperone)

Law, Ashleigh (Student)

Randall, Sienna (Student)

Randall, Suzette (Chaperone)

Rubendra, Charlotte (Student)

Rubendra, Deborah (Chaperone)

Tandon, Pavitra (Student)

Vidler, Philip (Chaperone)


We are proud to be Australia's leading international performing arts groups specialist. With 8 tours booked in the next 12 months we are so thrilled to be opening up a world of opportunities for performing arts students all over Australia. Take a look at some of the feedback we recieved from a recent tour to the USA. 
Thank you Aussie All Stars for a wonderful adventure. We have had the most amazing time. Thank you Travel Gang for been so organised. Everything was easy and went to plan. While Amy was loving the workshops we loved seeing the sights. You guys were amazing!!! Thank you   
Tracey Scobell
A BIG THANK YOU TO TRAVEL GANG !! Had an awesome trip. Thank you for all your hard work, commitment, dedication and passion that goes into this successful trip. You certainly covered all aspects of this journey. We saw a lot of sites and covered a lot of ground. Amelia and I will have very found memories of this trip of a lifetime, met fantastic people and enjoyed the company of our fellow travellers. Truly grateful for this opportunity xxx  
Roe Carpenter
Thank you Travel Gang for a wonderful holiday! It was so well organised. We met so many lovely people, visited so many wonderful places and the opportunities you provided to the performers were amazing! Thank you to everyone x  
Lisa Kerr
Thank you all for a fabulous trip! We have thoroughly enjoyed taking in the sites and experiences and making new friends! Well done Travel Gang for putting together a once in a lifetime experience for us, Austin and I have enjoyed every moment. 
Karen Cooper


Click this button to download the itinerary and other adventure information.


Our flights have been booked and confirmed with Emirates. Here is a copy of our flight itinerary.


The rooms in the UK and Europe are small and only accommodate TWO people per room.
In order for us to book the appropriate number of hotel rooms, we need you to do the following.
1) Look at the list of tour members above
2) Do your best to select the person you wish to room with. Contact them and see if you can come to an agreement as to who you would like to share with. This is not a popularity contest and we don't spend much time in the hotel rooms. 
3) Go to your payment portal page and fill in the rooming form which is on the left side menu. You will be asked to write who you want to share your room with.
* Your request will be analysed when all forms have been completed and we will make the final list from there in negotiation with you.


We ask that you obtain your passports no later than November 15.
​Please go to the 'documentation' section of your portal page and upload a photo of the ID page from your passport.


Providing that everyone is on an Australian passport, we are currently not required to obtain VISAs prior to arrival in both England and France. We will advise if this changes between now and our travel date.


Here is the full payment plan. 
  • Commitment deposit $1000 per participant (21st June, 2019)
  • $1500 (August 16th 2019) 
  • $1500 (November 15th, 2019)
  • $1500 (February 14th, 2020)
  • $1498 (March 31st, 2020)
As per our  terms and conditions, all payments are non-refundable. We recommend that you obtain travel insurance that covers for medial and cancellation.