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Hans Christian Anderson



"Thank you to all the tour guides for welcoming Bethanie and I with open arms. We have both had the most amazing time with the Travel Gang family. Loved everything from the New York guided tours, rehearsals, and shows to the craziness of the festival (so proud of all the kids especially the Shrek JR. group), and then the final days of Universal and Disney. We have made lifelong friends and couldn’t have asked for more! What Travel Gang have put together for us was phenomenal."

Joanne Matic

Chaperone - Aussie All-Stars

"This has been the most incredible experience for all of us and it couldn’t have happened without your passion and drive for teaching. You continue to inspire all of us and I’m so glad I got this opportunity to work with you in such an amazing way!"

Harry Ince

Student - Aussie All-Stars

"It has been a true adventure and the smiles that my kids had on their faces from all the different guided tours and theme parks has made it all worth while."

Lisa Green

Chaperone - Aussie All-Stars

"It has been an experience I will never forget! I will always treasure all the memories we’ve made together on this trip! I cannot put into words how grateful and thankful I am for everything you do for us young aspiring performers! We are so fortunate to have these incredible opportunities to learn and grow!"

Layla Schillert

Student - Aussie All-Stars

"Thank you so much for all you have done supporting the kids during the past few weeks. Thanks for all the laughs on the bus, your truly amazing. Thank you."

Jackie Badelian

Chaperone - Aussie All-Stars

"We would like to thank everyone for this wonderful family adventure and opportunity of a lifetime. You said on the very first day at Sydney airport that we were now going to be part of a 'travel family' for the next few weeks, and you couldn't have described it better. The parents, children, tour guides, mentors, and organisers watched out for and nurtured everyone like a family member. Our lives have been all the more enriched because of this experience and the people on it. Thank you so much, you guys all rock and we are so grateful to have been on this ride with you all. Lots of love from The Preston's xxx"

Kylie Preston

Chaperone - Aussie All-Stars

"Thank you so much to the whole Travel Gang crew for such an amazing experience. It certainly was a very well planned, organised and jam packed tour. You certainly know how to make the most of the time we had. From NY to LA, we loved it all!"

Yogini Patel

Chaperone - Aussie All-Stars

"Finally back home and I’m already crying because I miss everyone. I’ve honestly made some life-long friends here and I will always cherish the memories we made. I’m so grateful to have met each and every one of you. Words can not express how grateful I am for this incredible journey, not only the experiences I had, but the friends I was able to make. I hope to keep in contact with each and every one of you and can’t wait to see what the future brings you all."

Paige Langley

Intern - Aussie All-Stars

"Consider this a TOAST! I cannot express my gratitude enough. Thank you for absolutely everything you have done to make this a memorable, unique and most importantly, safe experience."

Jet Spicer

Student - Aussie All-Stars



"Thank you so much to everyone who made this experience so incredibly special for me and especially to Shane and Daniel who made this possible in the first place and who chose me and so many other talented kids to live out their dreams. I cannot express my gratitude enough to you two for being such generous and kind people throughout this trip. The friends and memories I made on this trip I am going to treasure forever. I remember being so nervous to put myself out there and to talk to everyone but I’m so glad I did because this bunch are some of the sweetest and friendliest I’ve met. Thank you so much to my parents who believed in me and made it possible for me to take this opportunity. I am more grateful than you’ll ever know. I am so thankful that I was given this opportunity and it is one that I’m always going to look back on with a smile on my face :))"

Bennett Blaine

Student - Aussie All-Stars

"Just want to say thank you to everyone for being such an amazing group to spend the past 3 weeks with and I’m so grateful that I got to experience this amazing trip. Thank you so much to all the tour guides for making the trip possible. I had an amazing time and learned so much."

Ashley Blake

Student - Aussie All-Stars

"Is it bad that I’m already thinking about our next trip overseas? Looks like I’ve caught the travel bug - it’s a pesky thing."

Joanne Matic

Chaperone - Aussie All-Stars

"Thank you for an amazing trip - Harry had a great time and made wonderful new friends and memories. Thanks also to Tim and Princess Nicole for taking on the green group, and  including us on some incredible treks through airports! And to the whole Travel Gang team - wow, the itinerary was so well put together!! Now to stop my phone telling me how much I am NOT moving compared to the last few weeks…"

Wendy Derek

Chaperone - Aussie All-Stars

"Thank you so much for having Mia along as an Intern. It was a incredible opportunity for Mia to learn, observe and take part in all rehearsals and workshops. She had a ball and made some very thoughtful, funny and caring friends. I am very proud of Mia doing this on her own and stepping up to her challenges and goals. Even though she did the same tour 3 years ago as an Aussie All-Star she has learned valuable life lessons and from a different perspective. She is one lucky girl to have been involved with Travel Gang for a second time round. Thank you to everyone involved."

Madonna Ambrosi

Parent - Aussie All-Stars

"Dear travel gang,

We thank you so much for our Aussie All Stars tour. We have had the most wonderful  adventure and fabulous experience. The professionalism you provided on our tour was amazing. The rehearsals, the day trips, the workshops, and the JTF festival was just fabulous. The experiences you have given to our boy has just been amazing. We will be forever grateful.

All our love,

The Scott Family."

Donna Scott

Chaperone - Aussie All-Stars

“The team at Travel Gang were meticulous in their preparation, coordination and genuine care and support shown to each and every one of the fifty children and chaperones who participated in the 20 day tour of the USA. It is by far the most comprehensive and professionally managed group event I have been associated with. The quality of the communication and attention to detail which accompanied the management of this tour was highly impressive. I have no hesitation in recommending a Travel Gang program to any parent or educator.”

Steve Gately

Principal - Biddabah Public School, Australia


“We miss you guys. It was such an amazing trip with you all. We think about it everyday and wish we could do it all over again.”

Nadine Dornbusch

Chaperone - Takapuna Grammar School, Auckland

Travel Gang was amazing! Having not travelled internationally on a tour before I was apprehensive. But Travel Gang did not disappoint. I felt safe and secure. I was treated so well right from the beginning, a real personal touch, not just a number. Travel Gang went out of their way to make sure everything was spot on and I did not have to worry about a thing. I would highly recommend travel gang.

Emma McNamara

Chaperone - Hunter Drama, Newcastle


“I think what made the trip special was the Tour Gang! All the "special bits" you organised, your enthusiasm and positive attitudes certainly made the trip the success it was. Personally what made my trip was seeing the reactions of the students to everything. I'm trying to convince Zoe to re-do another 2 years at TGS so we can do this again in 2 years time. If any of yous fullas ever come to NZ, Let us know so we can organise a BBQ to say thanks properly.”

Kerry Dornbusch

Chaperone - Takapuna Grammar School, Auckland


“We have concluded an AMAZING tour with special experiences in New York City (on Broadway!), at Junior Theater Festival in Atlanta and Disneyland, California! Wow!!!!! Thanks Travel Gang, our Travel Angels, we love you guys- you gave us a wonderful experience and went above and beyond!!”

Robert Dil

Performing Arts Coordinator - Takapuna Grammar School, Auckland

“At 15 years old flying half way around the world and feeling safe. #travelgangdelivers me home safely and is most important, because what's cool? SAFTEY!!

Mia Hawes

Student - Takapuna Grammar School, Auckland

We have been lucky to have travelled on two drama tours of the USA. The Performing Arts opportunities, workshops and performances were the sort that money can't buy or we couldn't facilitate as a family or troupe travelling alone. I would definitely join the Travel Gang for more adventures, certain that they can deliver a great value and fun trip for all ages in the gang!

Nerida Walker

Chaperone - Hunter Drama, Newcastle


“Would recommend this trip to everyone.”

Nadine Dornbusch

Chaperone - Takapuna Grammar School, Auckland

As a theatre company leader it is awesome to be able to hand the reigns over and enjoy the ride. Everything is organised and jam packed with fun! I can’t wait for the Travel Gang to take us on our next adventure.

James Tolhurst

Associate Director - Hunter Drama, Newcastle


“Travel Gang YOU ROCK worth every cent my parents paid... I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E trip and experience with so many highs and even the lows were endured with Jazz Hands and Ta-Daaaaaaaaa!!!”

Jonty North

Student - Takapuna Grammar School, Auckland

Sydney, Newcastle, Australia

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